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Zinc (Zn) EDTA - 12%

Poshaka consisting of Zinc metals, is guaranteed 100% "Chelated" with EDTA (Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid), it is used as a fertiliser to overcome Zinc deficiency in plants, as well as a source of Zinc for those plants which require Zinc for their normal growth and higher yields.

B E N E F I T S :

  Helps in activating enzymes.
  Facilitates cell division.
  Adds stalk and stem stiffness.
  Helps in developing disease resistance.
  Gives health and fullness to grains and seeds.
  Improves firmness, texture and size of the fruit.
  Controls interveinal chlorosis in young leaves.

Nutrient Content
Chelated Zinc EDTA 12%
Recommended for all Crops
Available Packagings 500gms, 250gms, 100gms
Recommended per Acre 100 gms
Soil Application Mix 500 gms of POSHAKA with 10 Kgs of carrier material or with any fertilizer and apply on 1 acre crop soil.
Foliar Spray Mix 100 grams of POSHAKA in 100 liters of water and spray over 1 acre of standing crop.
Fertigation 500 grams of POSHAKA per acre. It can be applied along with other water soluble fertilizers.

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